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We Help Personal Injury Victims Put Their Lives Back Together

Being involved in a serious accident can change your life forever.

At Nichols Law Offices, PLLC, we offer support and legal representation to individuals who are facing the complex aftermath of a personal injury accident.

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Types Of Accidents

We represent people who are seeking help after:

  • Car crash accidents
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Dog bite accidents
  • Accidents resulting in serious injuries and chronic pain:
    • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Brain injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Bone fractures
    • Other catastrophic injuries
  • Fatal accidents/wrongful death

“You went out of your way to try to minister to my emotional needs as well as looking to my financial security.” — A past client of Nichols Law Offices, PLLC. Read more testimonials.

Seeking Compensation

Have you been injured as the result of another person’s or party’s negligence or recklessness? You may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover all accident-related expenses, which may include:

  • Lost wages — If you were unable to work after your accident due to serious injuries
  • Medical costs — Including hospital bills, rehabilitation, physical therapy, medications, etc.
  • Pain and suffering — To accounts for the emotional and physical stress associated with being injured in an accident
  • And more — Additional compensation that may be available for other accident-related expenses and damages

In many cases where the accident victim suffers serious and life-altering injuries, we are able to seek damages in excess of what is allowed under New York’s No-Fault Insurance Law.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a family member in an accident in upstate New York, we can help you recover compensation for financial damages related to your loved one’s medical expenses resulting from the fatal injuries and lost earnings over an expected working career, as well as emotional pain and loss suffered by your family.

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