Fort Drum/ Military Personnel

We consider ourselves to be fortunate to have Fort Drum, one of the largest and most significant military bases in the country, in our own backyard. Based in Watertown New York, Fort Drum is home to thousands of service members and their families, many of whom have questions about immigration rights, which we are happy to answer.

Our office has helped many of the soldiers obtain green cards for their families and we consider it a great honor and privilege to help these servicemen and women who sacrifice so much to provide United States of America with security. Questions about getting green cards, permanent residence and visas for their family members, which includes wives, children, parents and sisters and brothers, for both immigrant as well as non-immigrant visas, arise frequently for members of the United States military.

Soldiers And servicemen and women as well as their families with questions about how to become a permanent resident or other immigration or Visa questions may feel free to call us. We will do everything in our power to help answer your questions and remove some of the confusion that immigration law creates.